Corporate Bond

A corporate Bond is a fixed income instruments issued by a company in order to raise capital. The corporate Bond Market in Tanzania enables companies’ access long term capital at competitive rates enhancing their growth and development.

Benefits of Issuing Corporate Bond

For Investors

  • 1. Corporate Bonds are less risky and less volatile compared to other asset classes
  • 2. Wide array of bonds to enable investors build strong portfolios
  • 3. Corporate bonds are liquid offering investors easier exit and entry
  • 4 .Corporate bonds are liquid offering investors easier exit and entry

For Customer

  • 1. Ability to raise long term capital at affordable rates to fund growth
  • 2. Faster way to raise capital compared to other forms of raising capital
  • 3. Access to a wide array of investors

Issuer Issue Date Coupon Issued Amount Term Maturity Date
National Microfinance Bank – JASIRI BOND 26th April 2022 8.5 74,268,740,000 3 Years 28th March 2025
CRDB Bank Kijani Bond 23rd October 2023 10.25 40,000,000,000 5 Years 23rd October 2028
National Microfinance Bank Plc Social Bond 03rd November 2023 9.5 75,000,000,000 3 Years 03rd November 2026
KCB Bank Tanzania Limited 16th December 2022 8.75 11,042,500,000 3 Years 16th December 2025
National Bank of Commerce 12th December 2022 10 38,911,200,000 5 Years 13th December 2027
Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company 19th June 2018 11.79 12,521,500,000 5 Years 18th June 2023
Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company 19th June 2019 13.4607 9,178,100,000 5 Years 20th June 2024
Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company 1st June 2021 10.48 8,879,000,000 5 Years 18th May 2026
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