Main Investment Market Segment (MIMS) is a prime market for established companies that have met the standards in terms of quality size and operations. Potential issuers for the MIMS must demonstrate that they have achieved minimum profit track record or minimum size measured by Market Capitalization. MIMS market segments provide companies with greater visibility via the Capital Market and clearly defined platform to raise funds from both institution and retail investors, domestic and foreign.

Requirements to list in the MIMS

1. Track record of existence

Applicant must publish its annual accounts for preceding three years. Annual accounts should be in accordance with the Companies Act, 2002 and must be prepared and independently audited with the standards regarded as appropriate by the Council.

2. Profitable track record

Profit after tax attributable to shareholders in at least two of the last three financial years.

3. Issued and paid-up capital

At least TZS 1 billion.

4. Net Tangible Assets

The company shall have at least 50% of its net assets situated within Tanzania.

5. Issuer Type

All companies from different economic sectors.

6. Method of offering new issue of share

Public offering, underwriting or combination of both.

7. Business Operations

The applicant seeking listing should have at least one identifiable core business which is controlled by the listing company.

8. Public shareholding spread

At least 25% of the issuer’s shares, being not less than 1 million number of shares in the hands of the public.

9. Minimum number of shareholders upon listing

Not less than 1000 shareholders excluding employees of the Issuer.

10. Period moratorium

Not necessary.

11. Utilization process of proceeds

Disclose the estimated amount of the proceeds from the offer (net of the expenses of the offer) broken down into each principal intended use.If the anticipated proceeds will not be sufficient to fund all of the intended uses, disclose the amount and sources of other funds needed. Where specific uses are not known for any portion of the proceeds, disclose the general uses for which the proceeds are proposed to be applied. State the minimum amount which, in the reasonable opinion of the directors of the relevant corporation, must be raised by the offer.

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