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End of Day - 7 Feb 2023
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Sector : Banks, Finance & Investments


Mwalimu Commercial Bank PLC. (hereinafter referred to as “MCB”) is a commercial bank incorporated in 2012 and is headquartered in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. The genesis of MCB came about as a result of the conditions prevailing in the market at the time of it constitution.

It was realized that a number of banks and financial institutions are not easily accessible by teachers` or offer costly products, teachers` required an alternative means to overcome the challenges hence, the teachers`, through Tanzania Teachers` Union (TTU), and the economic wing of TTU, the teachers` Development Company Limited (TDCL) made a decision to establish a bank to serve them and the general public by ensuring minimization of costs of operations while providing affordable and diverse financial solutions.

The Banks objective is to empower teachers` and other civil servants economically so as to improve their
living conditions and transform their lives.


To alleviate economic problems through providing cost effective, friendly and innovative financial
solutions for teachers, Government employees and general public, so as to create economic emancipation


To be a preferred financial solution provider in Tanzania


Passion: We are passionate about executing our duties to our stakeholders.
Integrity: We observe high levels of integrity in all our actions.
Customer focus: Every service we offer should add value to the customer.
Team work: Our approach is collaborative
Innovation: We are innovative in our approach.

Brand Promise

Mwalimu Commercial Bank provides financial support to our customers. Our brand Promise is “We are
Better Together “. At MCB we value our customers and make a part of us by making their dreams come true
throughout their Financial needs. We envisioning our customers’ needs and wants by simplifying their
banking needs and bringing it together towards reaching their goals. At MCB we work with you because we
know that We are Better Together.

We believe in our customers

It is our privilege to help customers achieve their goals and dreams. With an array of banking solutions, we
make our customers feel a sense of security and confidence that contribute to their success. We are making
your banking experience to be fast, easier and convenient from anywhere, anytime.