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Sector : Industrial & Allied


Tanga Cement PLC 's history and achievements can be summarized as below:

1970: National Development Corporation of Tanzania assigned the job of preparation of feasibility report for setting up a cement plant in Tanzania to French firm – Messrs Fives Lille-Cail

1978: Construction of the Tanga Cement PLC plant started

1980: The Tanga Cement PLC Plant was commissioned.

1981: The Plant was officially inaugurated by H.E The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, the late J. K. Nyerere.

2009 - 10: Company ownership is as follows

  • 62.5% Afrisam Mauritius
  • 36.25% Tanzania General Public & Institutions
  • 0.75% Employees Share Trust
  • Production capacity increased from 750,000tonnes/yr to more than 1,250,000 tonnes to address market demand

With 15000 Tanzanian being the shareholders, Tanga Cement PLC shares trade under its brand name, Simba, at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange.