CRDB 235     DCB 265     EABL 3,100     JHL 5,850     KA 80     KCB 750     MBP 490     NICO 190     NMB 2,340     NMG 315     PAL 400     SWIS 1,120     TBL 10,900     TCC 17,000     TCCL 470     TOL 550     TPCC 2,500     TTP 120     SWALA 490     USL 5     MKCB 780     MCB 500     YETU 550     MUCOBA 400     DSE 960     VODA 770     TICL 350     JATU 1,300     


The Board has approved the payment of Tsh.150/= per share as the 1st interim dividend for F14.


Pursuant to the dividend payment declaration, the Share Register details shall remain as follows:


Closure of the Members Register      :         15th August, 2013


Trading of Shares cum Dividend      :         22nd July, 2013 to 12th August, 2013


Trading of shares Ex Dividend                   :         13th August 2013 to 15th August 2013


Dividend Payment on or by              :         6th September, 2013


Dividend will be paid directly to the Shareholder’s bank account for those who have instructed so, or through the dividend cheques issued and payables by our Transfer Secretaries, the CRDB Bank at their Branches and in areas where they do not operate, the Tanzania Postal Corporations shall make such payments on their behalf.


For the encashment of the money, the shareholders shall be required to produce their identity cards, and the original share certificates or theDar es SalaamStock Exchangedepository receipts.



                         BY ORDER OF THE BOARD