ACA 4,840     CRDB 190     DCB 380     DSE 1,400     EABL 5,350     JHL 11,400     KA 350     KCB 1,140     MBP 600     MCB 500     MKCB 830     MUCOBA 400     NMB 2,760     NMG 2,200     PAL 470     SWALA 500     SWIS 3,360     TBL 14,000     TCC 14,000     TCCL 1,200     TICL 450     TOL 780     TPCC 1,520     TTP 130     USL 80     VODA 850     YETU 600     


1. Copy and paste the following snippet into your HTML head section of the page you wish to display the widget :-

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
2. Depending on the widget you wish to display, insert the required div element with the required id on the page element the widget will appear. See below table for further instructions :-

Widget Name Div Id
Trading Statistics dse-trading-stats
Gainers and Losers dse-gainers-losers
Exchange Rates dse-exchange-rates
Marquee dse-marquee
Market Summary dse-market-summary

This example shows how the widget for Trading Statistics will look like :-
<div id="dse-trading-stats"></div>

3. Done! That’s all you need to do to get the widgets directly from the DSE website by now.


- The div element SHOULD be empty.
- Depending on your Internet speed, these widgets will sometime take 3-10 seconds to load. Try refreshing the page incase the widgets could not load completely.
- The width of the widgets is 100% of its parent container.