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TCCIA Investment PLC

End of Day - 23 Apr 2018
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Sector : Banks, Finance & Investments

TCCIA Investment PLC is a public limited liability company which was established by the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture [TCCIA] in an effort to make the TCCIA self-financing and enable its members to meaningfully participate in the ownership and control of the Tanzanian economy. As at the end of December 2015 the total number of shareholders was 2,493, of which the Local Authorities Pensions Fund was the only institutional shareholder. The rest of the shareholders are individuals and companies operating small and medium businesses. The shareholders are spread throughout the country. The company has invested in 8 companies whose shares are traded on the Dar-es-Salaam Stock Exchange.

The Company was registered in November 1999 but due to initial hurdles, the company was only able to commence business operations in January 2005.The Company operates as a collective investment vehicle through which the TCCIA members were able to pool their financial resources for the purpose of buying shares in public business enterprises that were being privatized following the Government’s decision to disengage in the ownership and management of business entities. The company also embarked on investing in shares belonging to companies whose shares are traded on the Dar-es-Salaam Stock Exchange [DSE].