ACA 5,500     ACA 5,500     ACA 5,500     CRDB 150     CRDB 150     CRDB 150     DCB 340     DCB 340     DCB 340     EABL 4,340     EABL 4,340     EABL 4,340     JHL 8,250     JHL 8,250     JHL 8,250     KA 210     KA 210     KA 210     KCB 890     KCB 890     KCB 890     MBP 500     MBP 500     MBP 500     NICO 295     NICO 295     NICO 295     NMB 2,340     NMB 2,340     NMB 2,340     NMG 1,520     NMG 1,520     NMG 1,520     PAL 400     PAL 400     PAL 400     SWIS 2,660     SWIS 2,660     SWIS 2,660     TBL 13,000     TBL 13,000     TBL 13,000     TCC 17,000     TCC 17,000     TCC 17,000     TCCL 640     TCCL 640     TCCL 640     TOL 660     TOL 660     TOL 660     TPCC 2,060     TPCC 2,060     TPCC 2,060     TTP 120     TTP 120     TTP 120     SWALA 490     SWALA 490     SWALA 490     USL 20     USL 20     USL 20     MKCB 800     MKCB 800     MKCB 800     MCB 500     MCB 500     MCB 500     YETU 600     YETU 600     YETU 600     MUCOBA 400     MUCOBA 400     MUCOBA 400     DSE 1,400     DSE 1,400     DSE 1,400     VODA 800     VODA 800     VODA 800     TICL 450     TICL 450     TICL 450     

News & Events

TWIGA - Un-audited Financial Results Six Months Ended 30 Jun 2013

Chairman’s Statement  Tanzania Portland Cement Company Limited (TPCC) recorded revenues of TZS 102bn in the first half of 2013.  This is a decrease of 20% compared with the same period in 2012.  The decrease in revenue is mainly due to decrease in sales volumes.  These were largely impacted by the increased quantities of imported cement from Pakistan, allegedly caused by under-declaration of values and quantities leading to non-payment of statutory taxes and duties by the importers.


The Board has approved the payment of Tsh.150/= per share as the 1st interim dividend for F14.   Pursuant to the dividend payment declaration, the Share Register details shall remain as follows:   Closure of the Members Register      :         15th August, 2013   Trading of Shares cum Dividend      :         22nd July, 2013 to 12th August, 2013   Trading of shares Ex Dividend                   :         13th August 2013 to 15th August 2013  

TCC - Audited Results for the Year Ended 31 Dec 2012

The Management of Tanzania Cigarette Company Limited  (TCC) is pleased to report solid results for the year  ended 31 December, 2012.  Performance for the year


The Board has approved the payment of Tsh.150/= per share as the 2nd interim dividend for F13. Pursuant to the dividend payment declaration, the Share Register details shall remain as follows: Closure of the Members Register: 12th March, 2013 Trading of Shares cum Dividend: 14th February, 2013 to 5th March, 2013 Trading of shares Ex Div : 6th March, 2013  Dividend Payment on or about : 22nd March, 2013

TWIGA - Audited Results for the Year Ended 31 Dec 2012

CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT Tanzania Portland Cement Company Limited (TPCC)  maintained its leadership position in the market  though it faced increased competitive business  environment. With a GDP growth of about 6.8% in 2012 the Tanzanian  economy grew at the same pace as in the previous  years. The construction sector, however, grew at a  rate of around 8%. In the year under review, the  Tanzania Shilling was relatively stable compared with  the major trading currencies, depreciating by less  than 1% against the USD.

CRDB – Declaration of Dividend for the Year 2012

The Board of Directors of CRDB Bank Plc is delighted  to announce that subject to obtaining approval from  the Annual General Meeting of shareholders to be held  on 11th May, 2013, recommend declaration dividend of  TZS 12 per issued and fully paid up shares in line  with the Bank’s Dividend Policy. Total dividend of  TZS 26.1 billion will be paid out, higher than TZS  19.6 billion paid in year 2011 with percentage  increase of 33% that makes Earnings per share 37.00,  Price earnings ratio 4.05 and Dividend yield of 8%.


Chairperson’s Statement  Historical Sales  Performance The past year was characterized by changing trading in the local market.  Although the economy of Tanzania continued to grow during the period under review and the macroeconomic environment was favourable the competitive landscape presented new challenges with increase competition from new manufactures as well as an increase in cement imports.