ACA 5,200     CRDB 170     DCB 395     DSE 1,300     EABL 5,250     JHL 10,500     KA 110     KCB 950     MBP 600     MCB 500     MKCB 890     MUCOBA 400     NMB 2,760     NMG 2,280     PAL 470     SWALA 500     SWIS 3,820     TBL 13,400     TCC 13,100     TCCL 1,360     TOL 780     TPCC 1,780     TTP 650     USL 90     VODA 760     YETU 600     

Dar es salaam Stock Exchange PLC (DSE) Scholar Investment Challenge (SIC) Ended on 30th June, 2016
The DSE competition known as Scholar Investment Challenge (SIC) 30th June 2016 marks an end to the competition for 2016, 3months challenge which officially started on the 1st April, 2016.
This is the 3rd challenge since it first started on 2014 year, the challenge is designed to equip scholars from all institutions with a culture for saving and awareness of the capital market. Scholars were able to participated on the challenge by USSD code *150*36#, leverage scholar app and
The final event for the recognition of the winners will be two weeks after 30th June 2016 the date to which the challenge ended, to allow a vigilant process of identifying the winners.