ACA 13,100     CRDB 180     DCB 400     DSE 1,200     EABL 5,060     JHL 12,800     KA 120     KCB 760     MBP 600     MCB 500     MKCB 1,000     MUCOBA 400     NMB 2,760     NMG 1,860     PAL 470     SWALA 500     SWIS 5,000     TBL 11,000     TCC 11,500     TCCL 1,600     TOL 800     TPCC 1,980     TTP 650     USL 70     VODA 125     YETU 600     

A share or equity is a piece of ownership of a company or Enterprise. A Company/ an Enterprise sells its ownership to buyers (Investors) from the general public so as to raise capital to invest in their business ventures/ expansion plans with promising returns (profits). Investors who own a company’s shares are called shareholders. Shareholders expect returns (profits) for investing in a company through dividends and capital gains.

Dividend is the sum of money that is paid by a company to its shareholders out of its profits. The amount of dividend paid to a shareholder depends on the number of shares a shareholder owns.

Capital gain is the increase in value of a share price at a stock market. This allows shareholders profit by selling shares at a higher price.


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